10 Work At Home Productivity Tips


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Work from Home Friday

1. Separate Your Space.

2. Structure Your Time.

3. Outsource All You Can.

4. Use Technology to Your Advantage.

5. Group Your Errands.

6. Stay Focused.

7. Beware of Yappers.

8. Work With Your Moods.

9. Suit Yourself.

10. Break for People.

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Picture sent to me by one of my engineers.

The Self is Unstable – Elisa Gabbert

Don’t just be yourself — build your personal brand. The self is unstable. It might not be found by the search engines. It might be rejected. The self regenerates every five or six days. A consistent brand, a coherent self. Consider the interface, testing for usability. Even crows have a sense of self, and the accompanying self esteem, self loathing. The crow is self-reflexive, self-defeating. How dejected is the crow.

~Elisa Gabbert

How Peeps found Jesus. – By Rachel Deahl – Slate Magazine


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A pagan connection to this Easter confection

Note on Birds

I’ve figured it out, something that was never clear to me before – how all creation transposes itself out of the world deeper and deeper into our inner world, and why birds cast such a spell on this path into us. The bird’s nest is, in effect, an outer womb given by nature; the bird only furnishes it and covers it rather than containing the whole thing inside itself. As a result, birds are the animals whose feelings have a very special, intimate familiarity with the outer world; they know that they share with nature their innermost mystery. That is why the bird sings its songs into the world as though it were singing into its inner self, that’s why we take a birdsong into our own inner selves so easily, it seems to us that we translate it fully, with no remainder, into our feelings; a birdsong can even, for a moment, make the whole world into a sky within us, because we feel that the bird does not distinguish between its heart and the world’s.

~Rainer Maria Rilke

Keep up-to-date on Peeps this season at A Place for Peeps:

William Stafford, In the Library

In the Library

You are reading a book, and think you know
the end, but others can’t wait—they crowd
on the shelves, breathing. You stop and look around.
It is the best time: evening is coming,
a bronze haze has captured the sun,
lights down the street come on.

You turn a page carefully. Over your shoulder
another day has watched what you do
and written it down in that book
you can’t read till all the pages are done.

~William Stafford, Even in Quiet Places

Image: The Heart Book – 1550. The Heart Book is regarded as the oldest Danish ballad manuscript. It is a collection of 83 love ballads compiled in the beginning of the 1550s in the circle of the Court of King Christian III. Shown here is the beginning of ballad no. 43, Store laengsel, du gor mig naer (Great Yearning, thou touches me).



It is a sad tale,
the one they tell,
of Undine
the changeling,
who took on legs
to walk the land
and dance
on those
ungainly stalks
before a prince
of the earthfolk.
He betrayed her;
they always do
the landsmen.
Her arms around him
meant little more
than a finger of foam
curled around his ankle.
Her lips on his
he thought cold,
brief and cold
as the touch of a wave.
He betrayed her,
they always do,
left her to find
her way back home
over thousands of land miles,
the only salt her tears,
and she as helpless
as a piece of featherweed
tossed broken onto the shore.

~Jane Yolen

US Forest Service – Pacific Northwest Region – Autumn Colours


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View from my front porch on Sunday (facing North by Northwest)

I think it’s gonna rain today

More Pacific Northwest Fall color

What does a Fall Color hotline do? Someone mans the phones in case a leaf is about to jump? Find out: 800-354-4595 and select Pacific Northwest Region recording

Petting is passe: give your cat a massage : Tails Of The City


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How to Give Your Cat a Massage

No oils or lotions needed

Detailed how-to on giving your cat a massage, complete with 2 videos and a singing cat lady. Best watched with a glass of white wine.

Teaser: Avoid whiskers, and a drooling cat is a sign of ecstatic satisfaction.