About XineAnn

They came and tried and failed and disappeared and never came again. And some, as I have said, were slain, for using names that start with X, or dropping spoons, or wearing rings, or speaking disrespectfully of sin. ~Thurber, 13 Clocks

Subscribe if you share my interests, know me, like me, or want to see cats. I am interested in almost everything: poetry, jazz, books, science, cats, creativity, collective intelligence, all things William Morris, the arts… Did I mention I like everything? (and I’m downplaying the cats.)

I make Arts & Crafts, Medieval, Pre-Raphaelite, and Victorian art and decorative tile. Posts here change as my interests and focus evolve.  I am currently focused on the Arts & Crafts and aesthetic movements.  You’ll find William Morris Red House and Morris & Co tiles, tiles from Morris & Co. textiles, William De Morgan arts and crafts tiles, medieval maps and bestiary tiles, Glasgow Arts & Crafts tiles, and a whole series of art tiles based on Pre-raphaelite Women of Magick.   I invite you to see these at William Morris Tile.

I write poems and sometimes articles.  There is one poem on this site, for my friend Josh Keen, who took his own life in November 2013.  My articles on William Morris and the Arts & Crafts movement are at William Morris Tile, but I also try to provide some backstory to the tiles I make, and you’ll find those there as well.

I also created and intermittently maintain Art Passions, one of the oldest fairy tale art sites on the net.

I post poems I like very much, as I discover them, at The Goddess of What I Wanted To Say.  If you enjoy poetry, I am sure I’ve posted some that you’ve never seen and will like.

I live at the edge of the forest in Oregon with my springer spaniel, Dakota Rufus Valentine, my best friend Carl, and three Maine Coon cats.  My daughter has grown into a strong and beautiful woman who lives her art with her family in Los Gatos.  She is the best thing I’ve ever done.

You can contact me at Contact.


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