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Death by Tourism in Rhodes
A sad tale of cat and dog poisonings and their painful deaths, dogs hung from trees, and other horrors.
Cats are allowed to live during tourist season and are poisoned at the end of October after the last charters leave.
For those needing corroboration, please read the comments. A man from Rhodes, Milos from Friends Of The Animals in Greece, confirms this and that there are activist groups working to change conditions for the cats and dogs.
I’m glad b-bear isn’t here to see this. He would be so upset.
AR60 sent me this. I’m an easy mark for such causes.

Quoted from the page:

The turquoise sea stretches way into the distance, as I contemplate the sunset on this ancient island, where Aegean and Mediterranean meet. Sun, scenery and the sea! What could possibly spoil things?

To my left, a cat lounges on the wall, without a care in the world. No surprise there, for Rhodes is famous for its cats.

And so I ask my ever-cheerful waitress Maria a question: ‘What happens to all the cats come winter, Maria? When the resort is deserted and there are no tourists to feed them?’

I’m aware that this resort packs up at the end of October; very few people live here all the year round. Maria pulls a face, and is suddenly serious. In all my visits here, I haven’t seen her serious before.

‘You do not want to know.’

‘I do want to know.’

‘The cats – they do not survive.’

‘They starve?’

‘No – they are poisoned.’

‘Poisoned? How?’

‘Weedkiller. Different sorts of poison; it’s easy to buy. Poisoned food is left for them; particularly in dustbins where they eat, or in puddles where they drink. We’re not meant to talk about it. We’re meant to brush it under the carpet, but it makes me too angry.’

‘When is this done?’

‘After the last charter flight leaves the island at the end of October. They do not want the tourists to see, of course.

‘At the end of October last year, as I was walking one evening in Lindos, a cat dropped down in front of me, screaming. The poison kills from the inside, so it isn’t pleasant. It died in front of me on the pavement.’

‘And who clears up the bodies?’

‘The dustbin men.’

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