No, no picture. Two mornings in a row I’ve woken up to this in stumble. Who stumbles this to a friend? I don’t care what your position is on the subject, ambushing someone with a slideshow of aborted fetuses unannounced can only be done by someone who does not herself feel the impact of these images.

It’s NOT child-safe and I’m flagging it as such. I sure wouldn’t want my daughter to see it. You people live in your head if you think it’s cute to stumble such photos to people.

And tagged “health/fitness”.

Update: I didn’t know they were fake, but upsetting nonetheless. For all the reasons said in the other negative reviews.

Many women have lost babies perinatal. These photos, even if fake, stir that stuff up. I’ll stumble rotten.com to anyone who sends it to me again. It’ll make you want to drive more safely, I promise.